Craig Annen is my most trusted source on controlling reed canary grass. He's one of the few people I know that actually understands both the ecology of invasive plants AND the biochemistry of how herbicides actually work in the target plant and their impacts on the environment.

Tom Bernthal,
WDNR and Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy

I want to thank you so much for all your good work! It is such a help to me!

Merel Black, Private Landowner

I can't believe how much work you got done out there with the dream team – fantastic!  I really hope you can stay on these sites long term, we really need an active management presence at sites like these.

Greg Hamilton, Wildlife Biologist
US Fish & Wildlife Service Wisconsin Private Lands Office

You do a great job Craig and we enjoy working with you.  You have helped greatly in making our projects highly successful and we are making great strides in our long-term management goals. Your academic background and professional credentials certainly are apparent in your work.  It speaks clearly to our desire of making the place a real gem.  Thanks for all that you do for us.

Lee Swanson, Vice-President
Swamplovers Foundation, Inc.

Craig Annen is one of Wisconsin’s most skilled restoration ecologists.

S. Kelly Kearns,
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Thanks! Predictably, the work was well done

Amy Staffen, Restoration Manager
The Prairie Enthusiasts

Thanks again for being willing to spend so much time with the interns. Your work with them has helped to make their summer an incredible, educational experience.

I am very grateful for the way you went beyond simply reporting the work you did, providing a comprehensive picture of the wetland. Your report on the species you found in the wetland will be invaluable. What’s really great about these documents is the way you are able to put your work into terms that even a non-scientist such as myself can understand. I’m looking forward to working with you in the next three years and beyond.

Jerry Ziegler, Southeast Wisconsin Land Steward
The Nature Conservancy
Brian W. Outhouse, Private Landowner
Avid Hunter
Mike Swanson, Private Landowner
Paul Mozina,
Ice Age Trail Alliance
Jeanne Grist,
Private Landowner