Consulting Services

As a land owner, land steward, or property manager, you are faced with decisions on how to restore and maintain your organization’s property. We help you with these decisions by looking at every aspect of your management goals, guiding you through the process and providing recommendations that will ensure noticeable results while keeping your objectives and budget a priority.

Our forward-thinking staff will use their advanced understanding of ecological principles and restoration techniques to meet your habitat restoration and management needs.


  • Management Plans
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
  • Invasive Species Survey, Monitoring, and Management Plans
  • Botanical and Biological Survey, Inventory, and Monitoring
  • Population Recovery for Threatened & Endangered Species
  • Custom Seed Mix Designs
  • Custom Herbicide-Additive Systems Design
  • Prescribed Burn Plans
  • Assistance with Funding Acquisition/Grant Writing
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP, WRP, GRP) Compliance
  • Conservation Easement and Land Trust Surveys
  • Project Design and Guidance
  • Experimental Design Guidance
  • Quantitative Data Analysis and Management Recommendations


  • Wetland Delineation
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Pipeline Environmental Surveys
  • Water Permitting Applications
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys
  • Aquatic Plant Management Permitting Applications (Chemical & Mechanical)
  • Environmental Compliance Surveys
  • Timber Surveys