Reed Canarygrass Literature Compendium Project

Reed canarygrass (Poaceae:  Phalaris arundinacea L.) has been the topic of 913 studies from 307 peer-reviewed scientific journals, totaling 9,168 pages of information in ten languages (English, German, Danish, French, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Polish, and Russian). In 2002, we began a comprehensive literature review project of this invasive species. The objectives of this project are to summarize and consolidate existing information into a single source that can serve as a reference to guide management and future research, identify gaps in our understanding of the biology and ecology of this species (gaps which will hopefully be filled by future research), and to identify and rectify false dichotomies that have resulted from hasty generalizations and over-reaching conclusions drawn from the results of short-term, single-site experiments and experiments conducted under contrived conditions (such as in the greenhouse) with limited external validity. At present, Phase I of this project (collecting and reviewing studies) is 72% complete. Phase II, scheduled to begin in January 2017, will involve a meta-analysis of his extensive data set. Phase III will consist of synthesizing information and preparing publications and other deliverable products. 

Check in with the Integrated Restorations website for periodic updates on this exciting and important research the meantime, rest assured that there is enough data out there to formulate and implement effective reversals of reed canarygrass invasions!

You have helped greatly in making our projects highly successful and we are making great strides in our long-term management goals.

– Lee Swanson